by Shifty September

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released September 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Shifty September Johannesburg, South Africa

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Track Name: Kalahari Surfers - Limpet Mine
Limpet Mine from the album “Bigger than Jesus” 1989

she comes wrapped like a mummy with a tear in her heart / ‘n she can dance like a bushfire / blow you apart / she says witch doctor wrong diagnosis / is it love that makes your fingers move around in a rubber glove ? / there is pain in the air you’re wasted and spent your mind’s fucked up your head is all bent / like a pressure gauge somebody pushed a button and she flew into a rage / she’s mine she’s a limpet mine
stuck to the seat like chewing gum / children rocking to the beat in a bus shelter / heaven help her / count the little feet / chewing out the rhythm on the cold concrete / it’s a crime to die / to be poor or to see / more than another a log or a tree in your eye remove the plank from your own and your brother will forgive and throw another stone / give it back it’s a bomb / it’s a hand grenade / they found her at a party in the lemonade / she peaks like a cap and kicks like a mule somebody’s got to tell her that she ought to be at school / she’s mine / she’s a Limpet Mine
she blew up in my face / throwing bits of furniture all over the place / she says go back to base and I’ll guarantee / they’ve made another model for humanity / with bits of wood and plastic glue he’s a superhuman baby he can break you in two / he’s got a wrist watch you understand a time bomb hidden in his prostate gland /he’s muscle bound with hair on his face /he’s winning hands down in the arms race / he’s agent orange insecticide stripping down trees no place to hide / he says “case the joint before we leave / take what you can no reprieve “ give him back he’s a bomb he’s a hand grenade we found him at a party in the lemonade / He’s mine / he’s a Limpet Mine / yellow at heart founded a nation that lived apart with it’s head in the sand ostracised praying to a God that didn’t sympathise / he can shit like a brick and brake like as bike in a camouflage suit he’s outasite like FAT Boy one and Enola Gay he’s right on target and here to stay /you can squeeze him through a briefcase push him through your shirt leave him on a train til he’s ready to burst / he’s a mine / we’re Limpet Mines living in a country that’s blowing apart.